5-11-2016  Hazerswoude                              1VP + Beste Baby                     Judge: Mrs. C. Coode (GB)

6-11-2016  Hazerswoude                             1VP + Beste Baby                      Judge: Mrs. A. van Luijk 

8-1-2017    Kerkdriel NYshow GRCN        4VP Puppyclass                        Judge: Mrs. D. Crutwell (GB)

16-4-2017  Goes                                             4Exc                                            Judge Mrs. JMC. Renard 

25-5-2017  Hoenderlo K.C.M.GRCN         Excellent                                    Judge Mr. D. Harms (G)

5-6-2017   Venray Pinkstershow                4Exc                                            Judge Mrs. K. Kunst

18-6-2017  Arnhem K.C.M. GRV               4Exc                                            Judge Mr. A. Scott

1-9-2017   Luxembourg                                4Exc                                           Judge Mr. Vanaken (B)

1-10-2017 Rostock (Germany)                    2Exc Res.Anw.DtsJug.Ch.VDH

                                                                         Res .CAC Jug.DRC.                  Judge Mrs L. Johansson (D)

7-10-2017 Zwolle IJsselshow                       4Exc  Jeugdklasse                      Judge Mrs.  T. Urek (SL)

8-10-2017 Zwolle Hanzeshow                     1Exc   Jeugd CAC                     Judge Mr. W Hochstenbach

5-11-2017 Hazerswoude                                2Exc Jeugd klasse                    Judge Mrs. Leenen

Because of serieus health problems I couldn’t show Mads for more than a year. But in the Spring of 2019 I showed him once at the KCM of the GRCN in May under judge Bjorge Espeland. He was very charmed, so he said in his nice words about him. But I still couldn’t give 100% in running with Mads. Very satisfied with the nice Excellent and the glorieus feeling I did it together with my boy Mads after a heavy year. I will not show him very often, only occasionnely…. champion or not, he is always the same, very nice, stabile boy for me. I love him to bits. 

30-5-19 KCM GRCN Hoenderlo                   Excellent Fokkersklasse        Judge B. Espeland